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Sports Direct


UX Design, UI Design


Full-stack development

Collaborating with Sports Direct and Copa90 as part of The One Off team, we embarked on an exciting venture aimed at promoting physical activity and sports engagement among school children. The project's core mission was to design a dynamic web platform that streamlined school registration and participation in various sports initiatives backed and sponsored by renowned brands like Nike.

The platform we crafted served as a central hub for schools, providing them with seamless registration access to a wide range of sports events, competitions, and courses. Once registered, schools gained exclusive entry to a wide variety of resources, including downloads and course materials designed to inspire and facilitate physical activity in children.

Moreover, the project featured a creative and user-friendly content management system (CMS) that allowed our client to effortlessly create and manage bespoke landing pages for each event. This versatility empowered our client to tailor their messaging and content for maximum impact, ensuring the success of these initiatives and fostering a love for sports in the hearts of young students.